hormone signaling pathways

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hormone signaling pathways

please suggest me some  article(s) related to endocrine hormone signaling pathways cross talk in mammalian models [emphasis on humans and rat]

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Dear Anjie

Dear Anjie
hormone receptor binding is highly specific almost like that of the antigen and antibodies interactions, similiar antigens will bind to the same antibodies but kinetcs of the interaction will b ehighly variable. Similarly the receptor may bind to hormone ( in particular steroid hormnes and  receptors ) but then the extent of crossreactivity is not significant otherwise what is the point in evolution of such a specialized system of molecular signaling with different hormones.
For e.g if you consider estrogen and progestrone they both have antagonistic effects in some ways but are both similiar steroids.
I t will be more helpful if you specify the cross-talk and the hormones and ligands in question....for that matter.
All the Best
Gaganjot Singh

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 We work on crosstalk of

 We work on crosstalk of certain hormones.

Fraser Moss
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I think what ARGERINE was

I think what ARGERINE was asking was that you specify the cross-talk of which exact hormones you are working on and also mentoin any the names of any other ligands here.