mapk signals

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mapk signals

Hi, I'm western blotting on phospho-mapk and mapk.
Some antibodies show me the figure of one band or sometimes double while reading a paper.
what was that?

if double, the upper and the below are going together at the same expression level in western blotting?
I mean, I'm stripping the membrane after detecting the phospho-form first to re-detect the non-phospho form of mapk.

Otherwiese, is it possible to see if the upper only decreases while the below has no change in density? or vice versa?


g a
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hi Philipp

hi Philipp
yr question is somewhat unclear........but i think simplest way to compare phosphorylated form from non phospho rylated is you  do a blot in triplicates. incubate 1 with antibody phosphoMAPK 2nd with MAPK non phosphorylated and on e with both the antibodies and see the variable degree of expression if at all there.....