Blocking efflux pumps (Cyclosporin A)

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Blocking efflux pumps (Cyclosporin A)


I have a question regarding an MTT analysis.
First, a quick introduction. My goal is to block the efflux pomps with cyclosporin A and so I am trying to determine a dose that will do this, without being "too toxic" for the cells.

In order to determine which dose to use, I performed an MTT test.
Let's say I have 100% cells to start. I want the drug dose corresponding to 90% of cell survival. 
Do you know how I can find this? I tried drawing curves on excel and getting the equation...but its a n degre polynom that I remember seeing in high school but that I am incapable of solving at this point.

This makes me wonder that there's got to be a simpler way that I don't konw about...right!?

If you have used cyclosporin A or any ideas on how to determine the dose they are all welcome!!

Thank you! :)