MIT to hold emerging technologies conference in New Delhi

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MIT to hold emerging technologies conference in New Delhi

EmTech, the prestigious emerging technologies conference from MIT's Technology Review, will be held in New Delhi in March next year.

This is for the first time that the prestigious EmTech conference, which is attended by nearly 100 leading tech and business visionaries of the world, is being held outside the US after it was launched eight years ago.

'Asian nations became giants by exporting IT services, drug design, embedded systems to the world. By bringing EmTech 2009 to the Indian shores we hope to bring into sharper focus emerging technology innovations from Asia and Australia,' said Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Technology Review.

The two-day event in March, being held in partnership with CyberMedia, would also mark the launch of the Indian edition of Technology Review, the world's oldest technology publication that was founded in 1899.

'This is the first time that the conference, which attracts more than a thousand top CEOs and entrepreneurs will leave American shores,' the organisers said in a statement.

'India, home to sunrise offshoring companies in IT software, biotech and embedded chip design is just the right destination as more than 65 percent of its high tech exports come from the US, the world's largest market for such services,' it said.

Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab Chairman Emeritus and Subra Suresh, Dean at MIT School of Engineering will lend their expertise in bringing technology from labs to sessions.

Among other eminent participants are Infosys co-chairman Nandan Nilekani; healthcare pioneer Prathap Reddy; biotech policy leader M.K. Bhan; co-founder and chairman of Sycamore Networks Gururaj Deshpande; CISCO Systems' Padmashree Warrior and mentors like Anil Gupta, a professor at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad.