The European Cell Death Organization - Meeting and Membership

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The European Cell Death Organization - Meeting and Membership

For those who may be interested (the Paris Euroconference is usually excellent):
With the start of this new year, ECDO kindly invites all scientists interested in the well functioning of the European Cell Death Organization (ECDO), to support us by becoming an ECDO member. Currently, over 250 members, representing major research groups in Europe and beyond, are supporting ECDO to reach its main goals. Please visit the ECDO website at for more information on the organization.

ECDO organises every year its "Euroconference on Apoptosis", an international conference, where junior and senior researchers meet in an informal atmosphere to discuss the latest developments in the field. This year's Euroconference is taking place from September 23-26 in Paris, France. More information on the program and practical aspects will be available soon at

The ECDO membership is annual (running from January till December) and prices for the ECDO membership 2009 are: 30 euro for students and 60 euro for non-students (a copy of the 2008-2009 student card is requested for student memberships). There is an online membership form available on the ECDO website, which we kindly ask you to fill out (unless you filled it out in previous years and the information hasn't changed). The payment modalities are mentioned on the ECDO website and further down this mail.

The ECDO membership offers a reduced registration fee to the annual Euroconferences on Apoptosis. To benefit from this reduced registration fee, we kindly ask you to pay the ECDO membership fee before May 31, 2009. Additionally, the ECDO membership holds a FREE online subscription to "Apoptosis" journal for 2009. Upon receipt of the online membership form and the membership fee, detailed information on how to access 'Apoptosis' online will be sent to you.

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