Matrigel and angiogenesis

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Matrigel and angiogenesis

I am going to start working with Matrigel as a medium to study the development of endothelial proliferation and its inhibition, is there any particular protocol recommended? any special preacutions to be taken?. I also have my doubts about which cell line to use, we have normally worked with HUVEC but due to the difficulty to obtain appropiate viability etc... we are considering using an ATCC cell line, however there are several described in th bibliography and we have our doubts. I would greatly appreciate any help

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If you go into the Solutions

If you go into the Solutions Search! and click Site Search and put in the keyword matrigel you will get alot of information on matrigel

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hE-cad-Fc coated plates can

hE-cad-Fc coated plates can be used.Purified hE-cad-Fc is subjected to SDS-Page followed by CBB staining which ddetects the nanogarm level of the proteins.
Analyses on purified hE-cad-Fc shows frcation of three protein species. Working with higly purified hE-cad-Fc protein is free of relevent biological contamination.
                When cells are harvested under manual dissection followed by trypsin digestion to produce single cell suspension & transferred in a medium containing either martigel or hE-cad-Fc grown in MEF conditioned medium, for first few days huEs grown on both the culture were found to be morphologically indistinguishable, and the same mainted for >13 and passages using accutase cell will form ddensely packed colonies. pluripotecy of those cultures are seen when they arecultured for >90 days on both medium.
  H9 huEs cell cultured on hE-cad-Fccoated dish has alkaline phosphatase activity and expression of oct3/4 which was comparable to cell cultured on matrigel medium.
So hE-cad-Fc  can substitute for Martigel in supporting the extended culture and pluripotency of huEs cells.for more details visit Biotech Students Portal

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Matrigel And Its Substitute

Matrigel And Its Substitute

Matrigel is the trade name for a gelatinous protein mixture secreted by Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) mouse sarcoma cells . This mixture resembles the complex extracellular environment found in many tissues and is used by cell biologists as a substrate for cell culture.

Cells cultured on Matrigel demonstrate complex cellular behavior that is otherwise impossible to observe under laboratory conditions. For example, endothelial cells create intricate spiderweb-like networks on Matrigel coated surfaces but not on plastic surfaces. Such networks are highly suggestive of the microvascular capillary systems that suffuse living tissues with blood. Hence, the process by which endothelial cells construct such networks is of great interest to biological researchers and Matrigel allows
them to observe this.

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