3D DRG explant culture in collagen gel-trouble

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3D DRG explant culture in collagen gel-trouble

Hi,I have been doing 3D adult rat DRG explant culture in collagen gel(1.5mg/ml) for one month.But I haven't got good results.There are few neurite growing even after 3 days,and there is big variability among wells in the same group.I'm so frustrated.Any one has experience in this?Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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I sympathize with your difficulties in neurite growth. Check out the citations I found below that might give you some insight on what to change/where to go with your experiments. These groups seem to have successful neurite growth in collagen gels...



I found these 2 citations using www.3dcellculture.com. This website allows for you to search a database of 3D cell culture related citations based on attributes such as cell type, scaffold material, and stimulus. I hope you find the website helpful with your research!