Wanted: Collaborator for anti-neoplastic agents

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Wanted: Collaborator for anti-neoplastic agents

 Two drugs are under-development. One is a proto onco mRNA destabilizer. The other is a natural product, a High Molecular Weight Iron Chelator. Both are working, Iron Chelator shows broad activity. MRNA destabilizer has only been tested on PC3, DU145, MatLY. In PC3 the is a 20% decrease in growth in 4 days in 12 individual  wells in 12 6 well plates. In DU145 2 of two 
wells in three plates showed a 60% reduction in growth in 4 days while the other well showed a 30% reduction. In Matly 12 wells, one well each of 12 plates showed an increase of 60% in growth in 4 days. All wells were at 1uM of the drug.
The natural product shows activity at 50nM against HT-29 and MCF-7. 

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 Hi Kerry 123

 Hi Kerry 123

What kind of collaboration are you seeking? Can you email me at argerine@gmail.com
I am pursuing an active  career in cancer proteomics and serological tumor markers.