Biophysical Scientist

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Biophysical Scientist

Pfizer: Biophysical Scientist
Cambridge, US Massachusetts


As a member of Biophysics team, the successful candidate will be responsible for the use of traditional and novel biophysical approaches to expand conventional target and chemical space. The primary responsibilities of this position will include design and implementation of protein-ligand interactions studies and the application of cutting edge technologies to small molecule drug discovery efforts.

Responsibilities include:

Design and carry out protein-ligand interaction studies using modern biophysical methods and techniques including surface plasmon resonance (SPR), microcalorimetry, fluorescence polarization, and capillary electrophoresis (CE), etc.

Analyze and interpret binding thermodynamics and kinetics data and present results to project teams

Work closely with other colleagues to bring a high standard of biophysical practice to support the mission of the RTC

Participate as active team member of project teams comprised of scientists in multiple disciplines, the person will contribute in team meetings, prepare reports, and present data and results in small team and large group settings.