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bgood's picture - the future of bioinformatics has recently announced that it has entered beta and is available for testing. This, or something like it, is going to change the way bioinformatics is done. Instead of producing an ever-accumulating number of one-time use perl scripts that are generally impossible for bench scientists to use themselves, will let us, the global bioinformatics community, collaboratively construct and easily share useful, modular computational pipelines. is primarily designed to enable sharing and discovery of workflows built for the Taverna workflow execution engine. The components of each workflow are distinct, recomposable web services (for example, blast services and database lookups). These components can be stitched together to form processing pipelines that can then, in turn, be used as independent compoents of larger pipelines.

The potential seems enormous to me. I'd be curious to hear what you think about it.

To log in, you will need an OpenId, which you will probably need soon for something else anyway. I like myself, but there are lots of other providers now.

Anyone here ever used Taverna or another Workflow engine?

A sample workflow that converts microarray results to candidate pathways

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A little birdy told me that

A little birdy told me that you need a password to get into the beta version of the site.

and its...


I talked to them and they said it was ok for me to post this here :)