Systems Biology Using SBML/BioPax

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Systems Biology Using SBML/BioPax

Hello members,


I am planning to work in Systems Biology using SBML/BioPax. To start with I just want to work in SBML esp. I am new to this area of research. I kindly request the experienced person in this area to suggest me some useful tips and links to browse, so as to learn the same from basic in a systematic way. An introductory tutorial with a basic example will be much helpful.

Your kind and valuable guidance will help me to proceed with my work in a right way.

Thanking you,

With regards,

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Hello Prettina,

Hello Prettina,

I guess you have probably discovered the primary websites for both right?

The FAQ on the SBML website looks like a good place to start reading and there are quite a few scientific papers that you could read about various theoretical and application-specific aspects of SBML -
SMBL-DOCS. A problem in answering your question is that there are quite a lot of different ways to use SBML depending on what problem you want o solve and what additional tools you plan to use (because SBML is just a language). If you are happy to program in C, this manual on libSBML might help.

Any ideas about what you would be using these languages for ?

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Hi, friends

Hi, friends

i have more intrest to know about System biology work.related V cell and Cytoscope,

if your having any manual or PDF books reated System biology.

pls send it through my mail.

pls give me shortest procedure to collect parameter for simulation reaction.

and where i can find parameters? is ther any data base?just i know data base of genomics (KEGG)

i want more parameter finding data base,

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waiting for yours reply egarly,

thanks in advance