qPCR Newsletter - October 2008

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qPCR Newsletter - October 2008

qPCR Newsletter - October 2008

Dear researcher,
dear Gene Quantification page reader,

Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are compiled and summarised on the Gene Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

- single-cell handling - new page !
- single-cell PCR - pages updated !
- worldwide qPCR application workshops - register now !
- 2nd announcement => qPCR 2009 Event => http://www.qPCR2009.net
- online translation service of the Gene Quantification page to:



single-cell handling The purpose of this single-cell handling page is to provide researchers and clinicians with workflows and resources for single-cell molecular analysis such as RT-PCR, quantitative PCR, and sequencing and with a focus on the front-to-backhandling of single cells
=> http://single-cell-handling.gene-quantification.info

Interest in single cell molecular analysis has risen dramatically over the last couple of years, chiefly because single cell molecular analysis is the only way to research genetic heterogeneity, i.e., differences in copy number or gene expression levels between individual cells, or genetically analyze very rare cells such as circulating tumor or fetal cells. Single cell molecular analysis has provided new insight in diverse research areas such as immunology, oncology, stem cells or forensics. However, an often overlooked aspect of single cell analysis is the difficulties of handling single cells for molecular analysis associate with all three major methods for single cell manipulation:

- Micromanipulation
- LCM = Laser Capture Microdissection
- Flow cytometry
- Publications
- Interviews, Talks and Posters


Single-cell handling papers

- New techniques for isolation of single prokaryotic cells. (REVIEW)
- Single cell sorting and cloning.
- Sampling efficiency of a single-cell capillary electrophoresis system.
- Dynamic single cell culture array.
- Quantitative RT-PCR from one single cell using the AmpliGrid technology.
- Low volume amplification and sequencing of mitochondrial DNA on a chemically structured chip.
- Low-volume amplification on chemically structured chips using the PowerPlex16 DNA amplification kit.
- http://single-cell-handling.gene-quantification.info


UPDATE single-cell qPCR page The purpose of this single-cell PCR page is to provide researchers with resources (papers, talks, posters) for single-cell molecular analysis such as RT-PCR and quantitative PCR => http://singlecell.gene-quantification.info/

New and innovative papers around single-cell qPCR:

Intracellular expression profiles measured by real-time PCR tomography in the Xenopus laevis oocyte.
Quantification of mRNA in single cells and modelling of RT-qPCR induced noise.
Transcription factor profiling in individual hematopoietic progenitors by digital RT-PCR.
220-plex microRNA expression profile of a single cell.
MicroRNA quantitation from a single cell by PCR using SYBR Green detection and LNA-based primers.
Split single-cell RT-PCR analysis of Purkinje cells.
The real-time polymerase chain reaction (a section with single-cell qRT-PCR).
Single-cell gene expression profiling.
Gene expression and the myth of the average cell.
Combining laser capture microdissection with quantitative real-time PCR: effects
of tissue manipulation on RNA quality and gene expression.
RNA amplification strategies for small sample populations.
Gene expression of single chondrocytes.
Gene expression profiling of individual bovine nuclear transfer blastocysts.
Sensitive and quantitative measurement of gene expression directly from a small amount of whole blood.
Expression profiling of small cellular samples in cancer: less is more.


With the new qPCR INFO PORTAL and all the presented tools we will help you with to find the right information about qPCR and related topics in Molecular Biology in the literature and in the World Wide Web.
=> Papers / Protocols / Methods / Databases / Alets / Feeds / Books / Forums / E-mail / Directory



Upcoming Events World-wide academic and commercial qPCR Events

Symposia, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Online-Seminars, qPCR Education Program, ...etc..
Please submit your qPCR event here => eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%65%76%65%6e%74%73%40%67%65%6e%65%2d%71%75%61%6e%74%69%66%69%63%61%74%69%6f%6e%2e%69%6e%66%6f%22%3e%65%76%65%6e%74%73%40%67%65%6e%65%2d%71%75%61%6e%74%69%66%69%63%61%74%69%6f%6e%2e%69%6e%66%6f%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b'))


qPCR 2009 EVENT 9 - 13 March 2009

more news here => http://qPCR2009.net

download event FLYER => http://www.bioeps.com/qpcr2009/qPCR-2009-2nd-announcement.pdf

It is a pleasure to announce the Nobel Prize Laureate Kary Mullis at the qPCR 2009 event in an own session “25th Anniversary of PCR”

List of confirmed speakers => http://speakers.qpcr2009.net/
An industrial exhibition with the 30 world leading companies will be held during the qPCR Symposium March 9-11 => http://exhibition.qpcr2009.net/
Our sponsors => http://sponsors.qpcr2009.net/

Please register => http://registration.qpcr2009.net/



BioEPS GmbH / TATAA Biocenter Germany - qPCR Application workshops

At the TATAA Biocenter Germany we offer qPCR application workshops, a 3-day qPCR Core Module and a 2-day qPCR Biostatistics Module. All courses are held regularly in Göteborg, Sweden, in English and in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany, in German and English, and in Prague, Czech Republic in English and Czech.
Depending on the occasion the workshop language and the different prices may apply. Further customized workshops and specialized trainings will be held as well across Europe and world-wide.
TATAA Biocenter Germany workshops are held in cooperation with BioEPS GmbH, located at the campus of the Technical University of Munich, in Freising-Weihenstephan, very close to the Munich Airport (MUC). For more information and registration, please see our web page
=> http://TATAA.gene-quantification.info/

Course Occasions 2008/2009:
3-day qPCR Core Module (Mon. - Wed.)
2-day BioStatistics Module (Thu. - Fri.)
single-cell qPCR Module (Mon. - Wed.)

27-31 Oct Göteborg qPCR Core Module + HRM + Biostatistics
17-21 Nov Prague qPCR Core Module + Practical Biostatistics
24-28 Nov Freising Germany qPCR Core Module + Biostatistics (English language)
1-5 Dec Göteborg qPCR Core Module + Biostatistics
8 - 10 December 2008 (E) NEW singel-cell qPCR Application Workshop
15-19 Dec Prague RNA Isolation + Expression Profiling and Data Analysis
26 - 30th January 2009 in Freising, Germany, English language


Forward Please send the qPCR NEWS to further scientists and friends who are interested in qPCR !

Best regards,

Michael W. Pfaffl
responsible Editor of the Gene Quantification Pages


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