enter the my sequence to NCBI problem

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enter the my sequence to NCBI problem

Hi..everybody, I work about insect mtDNA before, I have big problem,
My problem is, We make PCR insect mtDNA and sequenced, analyze and assemble it with program but we want to enter the www.ncbi.com our sequence, and  we can't succesfull, This is my problem, If you would  like to help about our problem, we'll be very pleasure.

My problem is below..

. Please resubmit your sequence(s) with relevant features such as:

        - coding regions (CDS features), partial or complete, including
          nucleotide spans and reading frame. Using this information,
          our software will add the amino acid translations for you.
        - structural RNAs such as rRNAs, tRNAs, misc_RNAs, with
          nucleotide spans
        - features which may describe your sequence, such as
          repeat_regions, UTRs, promoters with nucleotide spans


Nikail Collins
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NCBI sequence upload

When uploading a sequence to NCBI, you have to have what NCBI calls "features" in order to further describe your sequence for others that are viewing.  NCBI provides many different examples of features that you can use.  For example, when I upload sequences, I add the coding sequences for each ORF and name it (see below) as a feature.  Look at other mtDNA sequnces that are alrady uploaded in order to get a better understanding as to what features you need to include. And, make sure it is formatted correctly or you will get an error.5 5104 CDSproduct ORF 1note polyprotein