Transport of monosaccharides

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Transport of monosaccharides

Dear all,
I have been desperately scouring PubMed trying to find information on how different monosaccharides gain entry into the cell. More specifically, I need to know how sulfated monosaccharides (6 sulfated glucosamine/galactosame, N-sulfated glucosamine/galactosamine, GalNac, etc) get into the cell ie. whether this is by some form of facilitated diffusion by sugar transporters, passive diffusion, active transport etc.
Most people seem to focus simply on simple sugars like Glucose and Fructose and I can find very little information on analogues of these.
Barring that, if anyone could put me on to a more specific resource for glycobiology where I might find the answers I seek, I would also very much appreciate that.
Best Regards,