A study on the COMT enzyme activity

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A study on the COMT enzyme activity

Dear All,

I am a M.Sc bioinformatics student, presently working on my final year project. Aim of my project is to study the COMT enzyme activity, Its substrate specificity, effects of different co-factors, temperature etc on the activity of the same. (Let me tell you i am very new to this kind of work as i haven't done any wotk on enzyme kinetics before)
I have choosen dopamine degradation pathway for the study.

I have listed down all the enzymes, cofactors, substrated (metabolites). and also tried to collect the concentrations, Km values for the list.

I have managed to get the blood and urine concentrations of the different metabolites from HMDB, and also the Km values of the enzymes with respect to their substrates from Brenda database.

I want to know whearher the above collected information is useful for calculating enzyme activity? if yes how should i proceed and if no which kind of information i should search for?
Here is the link to the pathway i am wotking on -

I would be glad to give more details of my work if needed.
Hope i can get some help soon for sure.
Thank you!