About C- AMP half life in cells

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Rajeshwari patel
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About C- AMP half life in cells

 Can any body say what is half life of the c-AMP in Animal cells??

Tirumal Rao
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cAMP is a common signaling molecule in
cells, also plays a role in regulating gene
expression in bacteria

CREB: transcription factor phosphorylated
(and activated) in response to cAMP levels,
binds to a DNA sequence (cAMP
response element)
the amount of protein present in a cell is determined by both the rate at
cAMP which it is produced and the rate at which it is degraded
a shorter circulatory half-life, which has a significant impact on in vivo bioactivity.
Ks 'rate order constant' for synthesis
Kd 'rate order constant' for degradation

P= amount of protein present

cAMP,Proteins,mRNAs have half lives-- range from minutes to weeks

short half life = large Kd

proteins with a short half-life change more dramatically upon stimulation
than proteins with a long half-life
i think this helpful to u.

Fraser Moss
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There is no definitive amswer

There is no definitive amswer to your question because the cAMP half live will depend on so many different environmental factors and the cell type being studied.

here is just a small sample of some papers that measure cAMP half life in mammalian cells




The most direct answer I found with a quick search for you general question can be found in the article below

Adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate metabolism and turnover in dog thyroid slices.
Eur J Biochem. 1977 Jan;72(2):241-6.


NOTE the article is very OLD but they state that cAMP has a <30 sec half-life in dog thyroid cells. Again this is old data and will be specific to these cells in the experimental conditions reported in the paper