Molecular Biology Calculations

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Molecular Biology Calculations

Can someone please help me how to do the calculation for the following question right from the basic.
I have been provided with the following solutions of a compound whose molecular weight is found to be 500. What is the volume you need to pipette to add 1o micromoles of this compound using these solutions?
(i) 40 mM
(ii) 25 mg/dL
(iii) 0.5% (w/v)
(iv) 250 mg/ml

I used to use the following formula to calculate the molar solution

Molar solution perparation = Required volume x Required molarity x Molecular weight / 1000
The answer what im getting if i take the substance in grams it will be a molar solution, when i take it in milligrams then the solution would be micromolar solution. This is how is used to calculate.

Can anyone help me whteher the formula what im using is correct and how to arrive at the solution for the above problem. Kindly explain me in detail, so then i cna learn.

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The formula that u r using is right . but you have to remember that if you take milligram it will be millimol(mM), if you will take microgram it will be micromol.

mM= 1000*mg/ml*mol. wt

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