SOD activity

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SOD activity

I need ur help to know
what is the Extinction coefficient of superoxide dismutase SOD based on the autooxidation of epinephrin when i need to calculate the activity of this enzyme and what is the exact equation.
please any one interested in this field answer me as soon as possible
with my best regard

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The extinction coefficient of

The extinction coefficient of SOD is not availabel and also not authentic for the calculation of acitivity of enzyme, better you go for the finding of ext.coeff. of epinephrine, or you can use the ext.coeff. of fomazan dye which the product of SOD activity. A=ECl
E=molar extinction coefficient of analytes
C=concentration to be find out (molar)
l=length of light path.

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Good info. Herbal Man

Good info.

Herbal Man