enzymatic digestion of rna s

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enzymatic digestion of rna s

I need ur help to know about the most effective enzymes that i could use in order to obtain small fragments of rnas from isolated m-rna and r-rna.Thank u for your time

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I'm not exactly sure what it

I'm not exactly sure what it is you wish to do, but take a look at the wide selection of ribonuclease enzymes offered by Ambion.


RNase A cleaves 3' of ss U's and C's.

RNase T1 cleaves RNA 3' of G residues in ss RNA.

RNase VI cleaves at base-paired nucleotides(like where there is secondary structure).

For more info on structural mapping, see: http://www.ambion.com/techlib/tn/92/9214.html

Other enzymes for RNA digestion include:

RNase I cleaves ssRNA everywhere, eliminating your sample.

RNase H cleaves phosphodiester bonds of RNA/DNA hybrids, and basically eliminates your mRNA.

RNase III cleaves dsRNA into 18-25 bp fragments, and is typically used for siRNA studies with specific transcripts.

Hope that helps.