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Is it possible for glucose concentration in medium to go up as the cells are going through apoptosis?

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Going from the fact that

Going from the fact that cells break down glucose to produce energy I would assume that what glucose that remains in the cell during programmed cell death will be spilled out into the medium causing an increase in concentration to be observed. This is merely speculation, however.

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During Apoptosis sometimes

During Apoptosis sometimes cells do not break so it is not easy to speculate by saying the content of the cells will be released to the medium but in any case during apotosis cell might shrink and as a product the cell membrane/wall is degraded after by certain enzymes and MAYBE glucose stored on the membrane and Glycans can then increase the concentration of Glucose in the medium, But the Question is How do you tell if the cell are undergoing Apoptosis, Necrosis or Autophage type of cell death?3

Ntakadzeni Edwin Madala, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.