scFv expression

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Sun Yi
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scFv expression

I've selected the phage display antibody(scFv) library and transduced the phagemid into HB2151 for making scFv. But I can't get the scFv in several conditions, does any one know the optimal expression condition(especially the expression system,the concentration of glucose and IPTG, the tempreture,ect)which was determined empirically?
Thanks in advance!

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hello dr. HB2151 system we

hello dr. HB2151 system we are also using for ScFv antibodies production, 2%glucose concentration, 1mM IPTG, 30degree Centigrade temp. is sufficient for the expression. u have to try the induction in some late log phase like whent OD at 600nm reaches up to 1.2-1.4.
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