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In which order are VL and VH more likely to give a good scFv, VH-VL or VL-VH (N- to C-terminus)?

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There was an insert for the

There was an insert for the Immunoogy "Gold Book" (Current protocols...) that reviews the various options there are - you might want to take a look at that if you haven't done so already.
Also, I've seen similar articles in journals such as Mol. Biotechnol. and Mol. Immunol. Also, companies like FusionAntibodies and GenwayBio might be useful.

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Hi would like to share my

Hi would like to share my experience.
For no apparent reasons we didn't find VL-VH working. But Vh-VL worked. We found expression, proper folding.
But the reasons i am not sure.

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Hi. I am intrested in

Hi. I am intrested in immunotherapy of gastric cancer with scFv. I am going to be screening a phage scFv library against a tumor associated antigen of gastric cancer. However i don't know how to earn a naive or synthatic human phage scFv library. Also does anyone know which non-immune human phage scFv library is appropriate for my study?