How R.A.T. is different from R.D.T.?

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How R.A.T. is different from R.D.T.?
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can you spell ou R.A.T and R.

can you spell ou R.A.T and R. D. T. in full please so that everyone knows what you are asking?

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Monu wrote:

Monu wrote:

Hi Monu
are you referring to
 RAT -  Recombinant Antibody Technology
 RAD - Recombinant DNA Technology
if its true please specify your querry in brief detail for future in order to get an fast and efficient response

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Hi RAT and RAD is as per

Hi RAT and RAD is as per Pundir's explaination i say RAT is a branch of RAD.
RAD is fully grown technology itself. There are many recombinant antibodies available for therapeutic use. Some are humanisized or fully human.
ScFv : small chain fragment variable has epitope binding part of antibody combined with other molecules that could be radiolabelled or chemical drugs. Here advantage is specific binding of antibody to anitgen.
Some recombinant versions of antibody has half part of some receptor combined to Fc portion of antibody. Here advantage is receptor binds to ligand and Fc part causes clearance of antigen from body  may be by complement activation or through NK cells.