Amplification of phage antibody library

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Amplification of phage antibody library

Dear all,

I would like to amplify a phage antibody library. Anyone has experience on it? Which strain of bacteria should I use????

Thx v much!!!!


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HI siuchi

HI siuchi
Most commonly used E.coli strains for enrichement of phages are JM101, HB2151 , TG1 and BL21
Below is the link where you get info about some more strains and exact protocols of phage display technology. Its very informative and give exact idea of the protocol.
Hope it helps :-)


Ivan Delgado
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Hi Siuchi98,

Hi Siuchi98,
A protocol I've used in the past to keep track of the titer of a phage library, which you can use to amplify your phage library, is the following: 
cDNA library screening
What I like about this protocol is that it also shows you how to titer your library once you amplify it to see how well your amplification worked. I agree with Shubhangi that cells like JM101 are good ones for this purpose. In this protocol I suggest the use of Y1090-ZL. There is very little difference and typically the best cell to use is the one that is most accessible to you.  
Good luck