affinity maturation

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affinity maturation

Anyone ever tried to increase the affinity of an antibody clone selected by phage display, using random mutagenesis of CDR1 and CDR2 regions? I am using a phage library displaying antibodes in scFv format.

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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

In your biology experiments, you may find yourself needing to isolate antibodies from a sample, such as a sample of blood--either to remove them from the column or to study the antibodies. A quick and effective way of accomplishing this involves using affinity chromatography, in which a sample is exposed to a column with high affinity to the particular antibodies of interest. Obtain an affinity chromatography kit specifically designed to trap the antibody that you are interested in. This kit will have a column with antigens that will specifically bind your antibody of interest. Pour the blood, or the solution containing your antibodies of interest, through your affinity chromatography kit. Your antibodies will be trapped on the column. Wash the column, according to manufacturer's instructions. In general, you will need to use distilled water to wash away any impurities from the column. The majority of antibodies from your solution should now be stuck to your column.

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