Antibody-Drug Conjugate Analysis

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Antibody-Drug Conjugate Analysis

Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) is a new type of biopharmaceutical product that is formed by linking a small molecular drug with potent cell toxicity, to monoclonal antibody. Antibody directs the ADC to target specific cancer cells and the small drugs function to kill the targeted cancer cells. Thus, the ADC has the characteristic of both the specificity of antibody and the toxicity of drugs to precisely remove cancer cells. Combining the advantage of both antibody and small drugs, ADC performs the best quality, reducing the potential damages to the greatest extent.The preparation of ADC is commonly carried out through a two-step reaction:

  • Antibody reacts with a conjugate linker to generate an antibody-linker intermediate
  • The antibody-linker intermediate reacts with the small drug to form the final Antibody-Drug Conjugate. The two-step reaction is shown in the following graph