Genomic and Proteomic Approaches to Complex Heart, Lung, Blood, & Sleep Dis

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Genomic and Proteomic Approaches to Complex Heart, Lung, Blood, & Sleep Dis

Aug 6, 2009 - Aug 14, 2009, Bar Harbor, Maine
This highly acclaimed course covers the application of statistics, molecular biology and genetics to the analysis of complex diseases such as asthma, hypertension and coronary heart disease. Both human and animal model data are presented and considered in depth.
Students learn to detect the genetic basis of disease, perform linkage analysis, conduct genome scans, analyze quantitative trait loci, detect gene interactions, map complex disease genes and clone genes. Emphasis is also placed on how to characterize gene function using the latest in biochemical and molecular genetic techniques. Contemporary approaches to gene discovery such as mutagenesis, microarray analysis, comparative genomics and SNP discovery and analysis are also covered. Social and ethical issues surrounding the generation and use of genetic information are discussed during the course.
Intensive hands-on workshops further expose students to the bioinformatics tools such as: Omim, MGD, Unigene, GeneBank, Blast, Gene-scan, SwissProt and Entrez.
The formal lectures, discussion groups, demonstrations and tutorials, study sessions, recreational activities and informal residential interaction provide a unique and varied learning opportunity. The course is limited to 35-40 students to provide informal and meaningful interaction with the entire group.
Event Contact: Laura Lelansky Event Contact: Laura Lelansky p:  207-288-6419
p:  207-288-6419