BirdFlu 2008

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BirdFlu 2008

BirdFlu 2008
Sept. 10-11 2008, Oxford, UK


The 1st annual Oxford avian influenza conference, BirdFlu2008, will address most aspects of basic and applied research on avian influenza viruses and their potential health and socio-economic impact on humans. The conference is aimed at bringing together leading experts in the field from both academia and industry, veterinarians, postdoctoral researchers, graduate research students, physicians and doctors, research managers and policy makers. Thus this event will provide an international forum to discover the latest research directions and thinking in this field in academic and commercial settings, to exchange data and ideas and to develop new collaborative links.

General Conference Themes

-Epidemiology and evolution of avian influenza viruses, especially of H5N1, in poultry and human populations
-Molecular biology and analysis of viral strains - molecular genetics of host-pathogen interaction
-Virulence and pathogenecity
-Mathematical models
-National and international surveillance, containment, management and contingency strategies
-Antiviral drug development and treatment strategies, including vaccination
-Advances in viral detection and identification technologies
-Economic impact on veterinary industry