ORYX: call for news

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ORYX: call for news

I am pasting here the email from my friends of wildlife, kindly send if you have any news for this journal

Dear Colleagues:

This may interest you if you are writing scientific papers.

Sally and Sanjay


Subject: July Oryx: Call for news

Dear Oryx International Editorial Board

I write with the usual quarterly call for items for the Conservation News  Briefly sections of the July 2009 issue of Oryx (please kindly pass this call  around your network of contacts).

Please note that information for Conservation News should be <12 months old  (and preferably <6 months old) and <700 words in length. If you need any advice regarding whether a particular news item is suitable, please contact  me. Briefly items should be <150 words and have already been published
somewhere (including websites).

The deadline for sending us any items for the July issue is 29 April.

With thanks & best wishes, Martin

Dr Martin Fisher
Editor, Oryx - The International Journal of Conservation
Fauna & Flora International, 4th Floor, Jupiter House
Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JD, UK

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