Intradermal injection in mice

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R Bishop
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Intradermal injection in mice

Does anyone have a protocol for intradermal injection in mice?



ramesh padodara
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I have not read or seen any

I have not read or seen any way protocol for the i/d in mice but my experience is first to prepared the site for injection by removing all the hair and for the injection one should be use epidermic or hypodermic needle for this.
you will may succede by this method.
good luck

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here is the link describing

here is the link describing various protocols, including one of ur interest.
in my experience too, this works and if the injection is given perfectly u can see a white blister clearly.
and if it goes sub-cutaneous u can see a diffused white area.
i hope it will help

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Intramuscular and Intradermal

Intramuscular and Intradermal Injection of DNA Vaccines in Mice and Primates
By: Heather L. Davis

I don't know if you still need the protocol:)
Anyway, for base of tail DNA injection for electroporation, we shave the base of tail and work in 2 people. One keeps the head-neck and the second the tail and back legs plus performs the injection and electroporation.

Amar Annamalai
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Hi scifigr8,

Hi scifigr8,

It is an excellent link. Thank you so much! I have been looking for this protocols for the past 2 years but I noticed it little late after you have provided the link. Thanks alot!