Animals and Pain

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Animals and Pain

I have recently read an article in which the author argued that the pain animals experience, anely those in factory farms, is of no moral concern because the pain animals experience is not cognitive, and the animal is therefore not suffering. I am trying to think of some methods that could be used to test this theory. Any references or suggestions?

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 Not sure what the author

 Not sure what the author meant. - unless a human perceives the pain it doesn't exist.  Sounds like the sophomoric - "if a tree falls in the forest.....".  What were the author's references - in science, proof and data-based support are his responsibility.
Pain response in animals is observed as it is in humans - vocalization, attempt at escape and avoidance, etc.  Application of pain via the same stimulus to humans and animals can provoke parallel and similar response.  One big difference is humans can understand "ouch"and "that hurts!"