2005 Channels and Transporters Symposium

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2005 Channels and Transporters Symposium

"Na,K-ATPase & Related Cation Pumps: Structures, Mechanisms, & Diseases"

September 6-11, 2005

Organization for the 59th annual SGP symposium is now in high gear. This symposium falls under the theme Channels and Transporters, and it will be held September 6th to 11th at the MBL in Woods Hole. The meeting will constitute the 11th in the series of international conferences on the Na,K-ATPase and related cation pumps, held every 3 years somewhere in the world. Co-organizers are David Gadsby, Jack Kaplan, and Jerry Lingrel, and full details about this symposium, including the preliminary program, and forms for abstract submission, registration, and housing, are available on the SGP website, www.sgpweb.org < ">http://www.sgpweb.org/> (just click on "Symposia", and then "2005 Symposium"). Note that the deadline for receipt of abstracts (for inclusion in the July issue of The Journal of General Physiology), and of applications for Symposium Awards for young scientists, is April 15th.

Because these international ATPase conferences tend to be larger than usual SGP symposia, registration will begin on Tuesday September 6th, and the talks will start in the morning of Wednesday 7th. Formal poster sessions will occupy Thursday and Friday afternoons, but posters will be continuously accessible Wednesday through Saturday. Arrangements are underway for a group whale-watching excursion on Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. The traditional banquet to close the meeting will be held Saturday evening.

Recent high-resolution crystal structures of one of these cation pumps (the Ca-ATPase) in all four major conformations of its transport cycle, together with new insights into how the pumps are regulated, how they perform their physiological roles, and how mutations lead to disease, all combine to make this meeting timely and exciting. Come and join in the fun. We look forward to welcoming you to Woods Hole in September, the best time of year to be on Cape Cod!

We hope to see you there!

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