Statistics for fEPSP and sEPSP

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Statistics for fEPSP and sEPSP

I need help for statistical analysis of fEPSP and sEPSP some collaborator of us has done in striatal medium spiny neurons. It is very simple. For the stats should we use the number of  slices ans cells as independent variable (n) or the number of mice from where they come from? And more important, why?????

Thank you.

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 for fEPSP analysis i would

 for fEPSP analysis i would recommend taking >10 fEPSP readings from each cell and find the average. then take the average from all cells (eg., 10 fEPSPs per cell, 8 cells, 4 mice (ie., 2 cells per mouse)).

for sEPSPs I would again recommend finding the average of say 30-50 events per cell, then average all your cells together. thus your n would be the number of cells, and it is good to also report how many mice were used.

I aim to analyze an equal number of events from each cell, 2-3 cells per mouse and 4-5 mice. most reviewers would be satisfied with this. consider power analysis