Rmembrane of the HEK293

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Rmembrane of the HEK293

      thanks for your attention!
      I'd like to know the the membrane resistance of the "opened" HEK293 T cells.
      before "open" the cell, My Seal Resistance can up to several G ohm, and at the beginning of "Zap", the Rm dereases to about 100 M ohm,one or two minutes later the Rm rise to several hundreds.
      This is my first time to use the HEK293 cells, can anybody tell me are the cells healthy? or what's your membrane resistance after open the cell?

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That sounds perfectly

That sounds perfectly reasonable.

A good way to check that your cells are alive is whether or not the cell has a negative resting membrane potential (Vm) once you go whole cell.  If i remember right a non-transfected HEK cell has a resting Vm of about -30 to -40 mV.

If you are expressing a channel then this will depend on what type of channel, the expression levels, and the composition of your pipette and extracellular solutions.

General rule is if the cell has no resting membrane potential after you go whole cell, it is dead, so ditch it and patch another.

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OK, I will try. thanks!

OK, I will try.