...problems with the pipete solution

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...problems with the pipete solution


I'm doing wholle cell patch clamp and I have problems with the pipete solution. In the glass pipete I see some material that block the pipete tip; I had try differents class of solutions and I had filtered the solutions and it is the same problem. I need help to solve this problem.



Fraser Moss
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Just keep all your solutions

Just keep all your solutions and sterile and filtered. And do not be afraid to refilter frequently.

I always keep a 0.2micron filter on the end of a 1ml syringe then have a microfil tip (WPI) on the end of that for back filling electrodes.

But remember between patches not to just leave the syringe lying around on the bench. Some of the components of your solution will crystalize in low volumes at room temperature. Also make sure you sheath your pipette tip or keep it in a bath of the same internal solution so that dust and other debris does not fall on the tip. finally wash out your tip with 70% ethanol and sterile distilled/milliQ water after each recording session. If you want to be particularly careful, wash it out after you have filled each pipette.

Furthermore make sure you keep all your pipette tips in a covered container after you have pulled them so dust does not fall onto them from the air. And finally make sure you keep your unpulled glass in a covered dust free container. (i.e. ALWAYS PUT THE LIP BACK ON when you have finished pulling !!)

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...ok, I'm going to be more

...ok, I'm going to be more careful with the syringe and the pipette tips because I had filtered and sterile the pipette solutions and the problem remains.