problem in the set up

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problem in the set up

I have patch clamp set up of axon and my bath is integrated one with which u can control the temperature of bath
due to current supply variation for that one moment in my lab after which i have started getting interference, I tried to remove all part and see from where exactly this interference is coming and i saw it was from my bath holder which is inegrated one for controlling temperature, though the temperature control unit is switch off still i get interference
normally it should be two peak and staight line but now it is
zigzag line
once the holder is removed interference is not there
My lab condition is like that that i cant buy a new bath holder
what should i do
how can i avoid this
please help

Fraser Moss
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Is your bath holder clean? 

Is your bath holder clean?  Make sure there are no crystals of any dired up solutions anywhere on/in it.
Can you find a way to run a ground cable specifically from the bath holder to a grounded socket to try and eliminate the interference?
FYI - a little anicdote about grounding (earthing). 
In the past,  I had a bad intermittant noise problem on an old rig which I was cetain was adequately grounded.  However, to cut a long story short, I discovered that the ground plugs in all but one of the 3 pin plug sockets in the room were not themselves adequately wired to ground.  Only when I ran a cable from that ground plug in the one properly wired socket to my rig did my noise go away.