Potassium M currents

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Potassium M currents

 I would like to measure potassium M currents in cultured neurons. Does anyone have experience in measuring M currents. What would be the best extra/intra cellular solution, voltage step protocol.... Is there is any concern for rundown?

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 Hi Dr Valdan, 

 Hi Dr Valdan, 

Here is a paper in which M current is measured in dorsal root ganglia neurons. I hope it helps...

The acute nociceptive signals induced by bradykinin in rat sensory neurons are mediated by inhibition of M-type K+ channels and activation of Ca2+-activated Cl– channels
Boyi Liu1,2, John E. Linley2, Xiaona Du1, Xuan Zhang1, Lezanne Ooi2, Hailin Zhang1 and Nikita Gamper2
1Department of Pharmacology, Hebei Medical University, Shijiazhuang, China. 
2Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology, Faculty of Biological Science, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.