Pipette Puller Sutter -97

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Pipette Puller Sutter -97

Hi all, 
I was wondering if anyone was willing to share a pipette program for the Sutter Instruments P-97 that pulls patch pipettes with a resistance ranging from  4-10 mega ohms consistently


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It will depend on whether you

It will depend on whether you are using a box or a trough filament and the size of the filament in your puller as to whether or not the program will transfer well.  Also it's going to depend on what glass type and thickness you are using.

are you aware of this resource to help you design better pipettes?


It's pretty useful.  A few hours with this and you will have a set of nice pipette pulling programs customized for your own puller.

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 You can buy pipette from

 You can buy pipette from