Perforated Patch clamp with Gramicidin D

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Perforated Patch clamp with Gramicidin D


I have a question about  How to tell if cell membrane is reptured in Perforated Patch clamping with Gramicidin D. I read that membrane rupture would result in a small depolarization in current clamp as small as 2mV but I don't know how one can notice that and be sure about the membrane rupture. I know that by measuring the I-O curve to monitor the reversal potential of Cl, one can determine if Cl movement is disrupted as well but I wonder if there's another way to tell. 

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 Hey Jun,

 Hey Jun,

I add a high concentration of Ca2+ to my pipette solution, as the gramicidin pores would not let the Ca2+-ions pass. If your access into the cell would be because of membrane rupture the cell would die as a consequence of the Ca2+ inflow. Hope that helps.


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 this paper should help