Manual Micromanipulator - Maintenance and Lubrication

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John Baum
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Manual Micromanipulator - Maintenance and Lubrication

I am new to the forum. I looked for an active forum where this question might make sense to a reader.<!--break-->I am a retired PhD synthetic organic chemist. I have no training in the use of a classic manual micromanipulator. I have one that I saved from the dumpster many years ago, a Prior 76913. It seems to be a beautifully built device. I believe I now have an application for it. I would like to use it to fine focus a digital usb microscope. It weighs 2 oz (57 g) as is. I need to fashion an attachment device. I see that the micromanipulator has 3 screw holes to which I could attach a plate and a clamp to secure the microscope.<!--break-->1) Is this a reasonable load for the Prior 76913?<!--break-->2) The micromanipulator has not been cleaned and/or lubricated for at least 30 years. The grease is undoubltedly hardened. I contacted Prior for lubrication suggestions and they said 'sorry but we no longer offer any support information for something that old.' I find this sad. Starrett still help customers with tools they built 75 years ago. They are proud to still make some of them, more or less unchanged.<!--break-->If someone would point me to an online document telling me about the care-and-keeping of a manual micromanipulator like the Prior 76913 I would be most grateful.<!--break-->Thanks in advance,<!--break-->John  

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Manipulator care and maintentance

Not a prioir manual but the ideas are the same