How to calculate weighted time constant?

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How to calculate weighted time constant?

 Hi there, i am new in electrophysiology. This website help me a lot in research.
I am studying the property of different component of NMDAR subunit.
in order to separate which component showed the most effect on my study, I have to use some specific antagonist to dissect every subunit.
Here is my question, different subunit showed different electrical probability, such as NR2A and NR2B have different ion permeability result in the different decay time slop.
To calculate weighted time constant so called decay time constant ( τW) is the common way to identify it.
I found several paper to describe it and the formula like this τw = [ If / ( If + Is ) ] * tf + [ Is / ( If+Is ) ] * ts
but I can’t find further explain about those detail meaning.
How do I get every single parameters from pclamp or is there any better software to calculate this??
Thanks anyway.