film the patch processing under microscope

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k gong
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film the patch processing under microscope

Hi Guys,I am using old monitor (SONY b/w moniter) to do patch clamp on slices. But the monitor can not record the whole process for patching.Now I want to film my process for patching as a demonstration. I know I need a PCI card with BNC inlet, and I also  need the software to record it.Do you have any recommendations? I know there are some commerical ones available, but it is kinda expensive. I want to bulild up a home made one. Could you please tell me how to do that? thanks a lot. 

Guy Sovak
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Patch clamping

Try calling the company . Maybe they can help you. Guy 

Fraser Moss
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Filming the patch clamp process

You will need to share more information about the camera that you are using to acquire the video so that people can recommend compatible equipment.Thanks