Clampex 8 and the Membrane Test

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Clampex 8 and the Membrane Test

Plesae can someone help me. I have just started my PhD with electrophysiology. I have got to a stage where i can go whole cell and record the membrane potential in current clamp (clamped at 0mv to look at the membrane potential). The membrane test function in Clampex shows various features eg capacitance, membrane resistance and access. It also shows the Tau and hold. What exactly is the hold value becuase it was at -10pA and my resting membrane potential in current clamp was around -2mV (yes very depolarized but thats what I have been getting), when I reduced the hold to 0pA using using the pipette offest the membrane potential went all the way to -60mV and the currents in voltage clamp became alot bigger. In addition my solutions which were causing changes to the resting membrane potential stopped giving changes. Please can someone explain what is the Hold feature and if I should touch that after going whole cell.

Thanks in advance