XSeries 2 issue

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XSeries 2 issue

I am new here and I have some trouble with our Thermo XSeries2. We are running it with a NWR 193 nm excimer laser.
I had gaps in two spectra for trace elements in silicate glasses. That did not cause big issues for me and the data processing.
Yesterday now we were analyzing U Pb in zircon and out of the nothing we get no real signal any more. It is not all completely 0 as I would expect if the embed PC gets stuck, but some random 25 cps or so on Co or Pb or ThO.
When I shut down the embed PC and the three switches in the front of the mass spec and restart again, it works for a while (two minutes to some hours). This happened four times yesterday.
All parameters look fine (like, detector settings, resolution, lens voltages).
I get a message in the technician window saying: “MsgId Set Readback(26) could not correctly set the control to 65542”.
From some colleagues I heard it might be the quadrupole itsself.
Does somebody have an idea what I can do?

Thanks and best regards