IElan 6100 ICP MS Problems

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IElan 6100 ICP MS Problems

Dear all,

       I have a problem in our ICP-MS.It is is not switching On.There are four MCBs-system,Rf section,Roughing pump and Electronics.When I switch on the Electronics,the ELCB in Electrical distrubution box got tripped.I didn't understand what is the problem.If anybody faced the same problem,please inform me what is the solution.your fast responce is highly appreciate.

Ragesh .

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I am not sure if you are

I am not sure if you are still having this issue or not.  Since this post was not under the ICP-MS forum, I missed it. 

Before you do anything you need to see what is being listed in your faults log.  If you can let us know the specific application faults that you are getting then that will help diagnose the problem that you are experiencing much more efficiently. 

I would also recommend going into service mode and checking all of your diagnostics, gauges, etc.  If you do not know how to go into service mode then see below:

At the top toolbar within the Elan software you should see a tab that says, "options".  Click on that tab and a drop down box will appear and one of the choices should say, "enter service mode".  Click on, "enter service mode" and then it should bring up a window asking for, "today's password".  For your instrument model the default password should be, "Elan6100" and that is case sensitive.  Once you have typed in that password successfully then you will be in the service mode.  The service mode does not look much different than regular mode, except that when you go under your instrument panel then you will have several additional tabs appear on the bottom where you can access much more information on your instrument's performance from a mechanical standpoint.  You can also change things like main flow status and power settings.  If there is a major issue then it should be indicated by "fault" in bright red type.

On your Elan 6100 there are four main breakers on the left hand side.  Typically if the system breaker is getting tripped, it is because you have an issue with your interface roughing pump.  In most cases this issue is very simple and is just an issue caused by old and viscous oil.  If this is the breaker that is getting tripped, then change the mechanical pump fluid (oil) in your interface roughing pump (larger of the two mechanical pumps below the instrument). 

If it is your electronics breaker getting tripped then the very first thing that I would do is to simply try doing a complete system shut down and reboot.  Shut off all of the 4 main breakers in the proper order (1,2,3,4).  Turn off the peristaltic pump from the back of the pump (black toggle on/off switch).  Turn of the autosampler controller (If it is an AS 90/91 then there should be an on/off switch on the front).  Close out the Elan software and shut down the computer.  Turn your chiller off.  Let the system stay down for about 10 minutes and then bring it back up again, starting with the chiller, then the breakers in reverse order, then the peristaltic pump, then the autosampler controller, then the computer and then open up the Elan software. 

If the complete system reboot does not work then the next simple thing that I would do would be to check and make sure all of my IEEE cables were secure in their ports.  I may also take off the cover to the computer and make sure that the IEEE card inside has not come dislodged from the motherboard.  It is very easy to have an IEEE card come loose as well as an IEEE cord come loose.  If they are loose then they will cause all kinds of problems.

If it is your vacuum system causing the problem then you may have an air leak somewhere in the system.  It could be an o-ring, extremely bad cones, etc.

If you are still having issues then provide the faults as well as any other information that you have (I.e. vacuum pressure both "plasma on" and "plasma off" before the issue began, RF power, etc.).


PS.  You may also want to go to the ICP-MS/Environmental Analysis forum as we have a great deal of banter back and forth pertaining to troubleshooting Elan ICP-MS instruments.  All Elans since the 6000 are set up the same for the most part, aside from a few changes in the torch assembly and the addition of a reaction cell to some instruments.  The basics have remained the same, so you should be able to use the same troubleshooting tactics as we use for the 6000 or 9000...

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