Welcome to the Reference Materials, Standards, and Consumables Forum

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Greg Pronger
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Welcome to the Reference Materials, Standards, and Consumables Forum

As analytical chemists and scientists we are all faced with an onslaught of obstacles which we must overcome in order to maintain day to day laboratory operations. Most of the focus of collaboration and discussion is directed to some of the more complex issues that we deal with such as instrument troubleshooting and new method development. However it is important to avoid overlooking the simple things, such as reference materials, standards, reagents and consumables. Even with the most sophisticated equipment and the most seasoned scientists on board, if issues present with the procurement and/or quality of with vital supplies, then frustration and problems are bound to occur.

We hope that all of us can use this forum to provide insight as well as to share experiences with different vendors, suppliers and manufacturers in regards to the reference materials and consumables which we purchase. All feedback can help to stave off issues as well as point people in the right directions when the time comes to order more of these type supplies. Please be honest and stick to the facts, be they good or bad, but also remember to keep comments as respectful as possible, as this forum is not intended for attacking any company or vendor.

Thanks for using and contributing to Scientist Solutions!

"ToxLabRat" and "gpronger"