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method development

i am new in this analytical chemistry, im given a project to improve an existing method, on this method we analyse Pt, Pd and Rh, i have to proof linearity, accuracy  and i have to compare two instruments icp oes and icap. our samples come as a solid which we dissolve with aqua regia. so i bought a powder certified reference material standard, i dissolved it in aqua regia and analyse on that program on icp and i got <0.1 ppm while it was supposed to give me 50 ppm for all the element i was looking for.i dont knw why
i would appreciate any input on how o i tuckle this project

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Hello there.

Hello there.

Just a few questions.

In preparing your certified reference material (CRM), did you follow the instructions enclosed with the CRM package?

Does your method require you to process first your sample( or in this case CRM)?  Did you dilute it, digest it, or something of the sorts.

I'm just guessing here, but it probably is just a matter of adding a dilution factor to you computation.  Most of the times this is the problems we encountered in the computations.