Aluminum hydroxide filler by-product method

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Aluminum hydroxide filler by-product method

 Aluminum hydroxide filler manufacturing method, has several mature technology on the market, producers can use different methods to produce different grades of pigment, but in common is the precipitation. Is the use of natural calcium carbonate as raw material, calcination made from aluminum hydroxide filler, then hydrolyzed by aluminum hydroxide filler. In this process, there are many methods can be used to remove impurities and almost all of the large particles are divided into the waste aluminum hydroxide filler.
Go into grinding machine, aluminum hydroxide filler materials and liquid aluminum hydroxide filler under the high speed collision friction produced by grinding, control the liquid and pigment grinding process to make fine particles and liquid flow together.
Using this method is a solution of sodium carbonate and calcium hydroxide paste, can produce very fine aluminum hydroxide filler particles. Need special attention in the process is to completely clean all the composition of sodium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide filler with alkaline, otherwise can lead to problems in the application of coatings.

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aluminium hydroxide

I did seen the manufacturing of aluminium hydroxide. But i think the first method you specified take too many time. And it is very time and energy consuming. To get more ideas about the manufacturing visit here.