Total Organic Carbon

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Neal McGinnis
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Total Organic Carbon


I am currently working in a water testing lab that has just purchased a Sievers 900 Analyzer which allows us to complete in house testing for Total Organic Carbon. I have few questions about the instrument and was hoping that someone here could help me out so i am prepared to use it when it arrives.

Firstly, is there a source for the actual method used, i.e. a step by step walkthrough? I have a working knowledge of the process but no hard evidence of the exact method to be carried out.

It says there is a 12 month calibration in place, does this mean that prior to testing no calibration needs to be carried out and that a calibration check is all we will require?

What issues have you had when using the analyzer and how easy was it to troiubleshoot and solve?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance