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My research group needs to bay a HPLC. Another lab of my institute (from Argentina) recently adquired a Shimadzu but nobody used it yet, so the performance of the equipment and the software
(LCsolution Ver Single 1.24) remains unknown. Nevertheless, Shimadzu HPLC
are sold for many years in my country and I have found quite good
references about it .
On the other hand, the firm Bioesanco represents Dionex since July in Argentina; so
the price of the HPLC (ultimate 3000 model, software chromeleon 6.8 CHM-1) is very convenient
(cheaper than Shimadzu) but no reference is available yet concerning the technical support by Bioesanco in Dionex HPLC equipment.
I would like to recieve some advise on this subject. If anybody has experience
with these HPLCs, can suggest me the correct decision?

Dr. Analytical
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The Dionex equipment has a

The Dionex equipment has a good reputation in Europe.  I have not used it but the design is good.  I have seen demonstrations of Chromeleon software and it is very powerful, but may require some time to learn.